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The Cast

Todd Denson

Todd Denson is portraying Dr. John D. Morris in the upcoming hit series STRUCK. “John and Noah were asked to trust God and be obedient and persevere through catastrophic circumstances and adversity. Dr. John pioneered the exploration to seek the Ark of Noah during such a time of devastating political turmoil in such a dangerous part of the world.” -Todd Denson


Todd has a strong connection to the project through his faith and belief that if you open your heart and let God guide you and trust in His will for your life, He always provides. Denson currently resides in California with his wife and son. He has been acting professionally for 20 years; however, the stage was part of his life from a young age.


John D. Morris


Benjamin Dane

Benjamin started in community theater with roles in "The Promise,” "The Silver Chair,” "Peanut Butter and Tofu on Jewish Rye," "Eight Days that Changed the World,” and others.


Early film roles include “JFK,” “Echoes of Innocence,” “The Dark Prince,” “I Am Gabriel,” and “Kill or be Killed.” Recent lead roles include “First Lady” with Corbin Bernsen and Nancy Stafford, and “Concrete Dreams.” Benjamin also executive produced and starred in “Beyond the Farthest Star.” Honors include Best Supporting Actor for “Promises.”

Currently, Benjamin is working on two projects: “A*Part*MENTAL,” a reality series and the epic streaming series, “STRUCK!” that explores the parallel stories of Dr. John Morris who searched for the legendary Ark, and the biblical Noah. Benjamin plays the pivotal role of Noah.


Benjamin Dane

Cameron Arnett

Haitian-born actor, author, speaker, and director Camy "Cameron" Arnett’s successful career began in the late '80s and continues to gain momentum. Cameron has been nominated and received several Acting awards, including Actor of the Year by the International Christian Film and Music Festival in 2020.

Recently, Cameron played roles in Running the Bases, and Nefarious. He currently stars in the SkipStone Pictures Pure Flix original series, Saved By Grace.


Today, Cameron is the CEO of Camy Arnett Production Studios (CAPS), a television, film and entertainment company. Together, Cameron and his wife BJ are producers of a host of films found on

Arnett is also the founder of Christ Over Career, and the Arnett’s are founders of Saving Destinies, a nonprofit.

Cameron Arnett Head shot.jpg


Cameron Arnett
Todd Terry Beard 1.jpg


Todd Terry, a native Dallasite, began his career in television, film, and theater over 30 years ago. He studied theater at The National Youth Theater of Great Britain, American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, and Professional Actors Conservatory in Los Angeles.

In 2022, film releases include “Running the Bases” and “Pulled from Darkness.” In 2023, he can be seen in “Unbreakable Boy” and “The Senior.”

Todd’s past film credits include “Unplanned,” “Beyond the Farthest Star,” “Because of Gracia,” and “Arlington Road.”

Terry has co-starred, guest starred, or recurred on shows like “Vindication,” “Breaking Bad,” “Friday Night Lights,” and “Dallas.” He has also appeared in a multitude of commercials.

Todd served as the President of the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of the Screen Actors Guild in 2021.


Todd Terry

Katharine Franco

Katharine, born in Los Angeles, was interested in acting at a very young age. She independently re-created characters from television on her own "coffee table stage!" As she began to work, her family revealed her late grandfather was a working actor who was featured in Westerns on television and movies.

Over the last few years, she's been successfully working on various projects and feature films such as Red Stone, the western thriller, Potter's Ground and on the television series, "Saved by Grace." Katharine can be seen as Elora, wife of Noah, (Benjamin Dane) - famously known as the builder of the Ark in the STRUCK pilot.

Katharine coaches alongside her mentor and friend, Glenn Morshower, at The Extra Mile Actors Workshop.



Katharine Franco
Anchor 1
Gabe Baker headshot.jpeg


Gabe Baker

Gabe Baker is a Nashville-based professional musician, songwriter, actor, model, athlete, and community leader from San Antonio.

Baker played collegiate football at Rice University and is an engineering graduate. He has dedicated his post-college years as a civil engineer, non-profit organizer, public policy strategist, and Christian ministry leader.

From performances and releasing music as an artist, regular studio sessions, and TV/film performing, commercial/print opportunities as an actor and athlete, Gabe is also a three-time Ninja Warrior competitor. His life stays adventurous year around and especially during tax season.

His move to Nashville was a divine shift into a full time focus on his music career. Baker recently became the newest member of the Christian-pop band For King & Country as a cellist & multi-instrumentalist.

Gabe Baker

Kayli Hessler

Kayli was born to Navy veterans in Illinois, and moved to Texas when she was in grade school.

While in college studying to become a physiatrist, Kayli was given a nudge by The Spirit to, instead, follow her soul’s desire to act.

She received her Associate of Arts at Collin College, and BFA in Acting at The University of Northern Colorado. After college, Hessler appeared in a multitude of Dallas/Fort Worth stages and nationwide commercials. She has received many blessings and enrichment in her life through this big leap of faith.


Hessler is incredibly humbled and honored to have been given the opportunity to be a part of STRUCK, as Dalta Morris. She hopes audiences are moved by this beautiful parallel of lives.

Headshot 2.jpeg

Dalta Morris

Kayli Hessler

Yanis Kalnins

Yanis Kalnins has been a stage and screen actor for many years with 50+ spots, including two Super Bowl ads. More recently he has appeared in television episodes of Walker, Chicago Fire, and Vindication. Film roles include Heart of a Champion, Transformers, and next year’s release, The Coming, a suspense thriller.

In the recently released trailer for STRUCK, Kalnins is seen in the role of the father of John, Dr. Henry Morris. Henry Morris is known to most as the “father of modern creation science” and in 1970, he founded the Institute for Creation Research.

Living in Austin with plans to move to Los Angeles, Yanis works with Realty Austin. He enjoys mountain biking through the local hill country, and piloting private aircraft.

Henry Morris

Yanis Kalnins
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