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Two Men...
separated by history

An Awe-Inspiring Epic New Series

STRUCK is an epic new streaming series intertwining the account of NOAH (Benjamin Dane) AND THE ARK, with JOHN D. MORRIS (Todd Denson), and the thrilling expeditions for the Ark’s truth. Two men, separated by time but destined by God... One would save all of mankind while the other would risk his life to prove the evidence. These miraculous true adventures splash across the screen along with the grit and determination of the human experience. Also starring Cameron Arnett (Overcomer, Nefarious), and Todd Terry (Jesus Revolution, Breaking Bad.)


From Executive Producer Suellen Roberts and Writer/Director team Wes & Amanda Llewellyn come the unbelievable true-life parallel stories in a never-before-seen dramatic episodic adventure!

STRUCK is a exciting new streaming series which

will intertwine the account of NOAH AND THE ARK and

JOHN D. MORRIS’ explorations for the Ark’s remains.

How are we going to do that? This is a question we have

been asked many times… “We’ll do it well!” 


First step, we will weave BOTH ACCOUNTS

together through solid and compelling screenwriting with

award winning screenwriters. The account of Noah and

John D. Morris have a lot of parallel moments as EACH

MAN WAS COMMISSIONED by an awesome, powerful,

and HOLY GOD to do insurmountable things. Telling

these adventures together gives the ancient scriptures an

immediacy that brings the Genesis account into modern day. The storytelling will be reviewed by a TEAM OF ADVISORS who are experts in the Bible, Archeology, Geology, Paleontology, and Antediluvian Science.


Second step is producing the visual elements of the series. Each episode will be beautiful and epic with STATE-OF-THE-ART PRODUCTION by industry experts in camera, visual effects, CGI, production design, wardrobe, make-up, editing and music to bring the production to vibrant and realistic life. 


We will also be adding a new component to the production that we call “BTS: BEHIND THE SCIENCE.” These 15-to-20-minute-long pieces will delve deeper into the science of what we do know about the flood and its effects on the earth through discoveries in archeology, geology, paleontology, zoology, and other earth sciences. 


The pursuit of the truth is central to who we are as human beings and finding that truth is transformative. John D. Morris knew that to hold a piece of Ark timber in your hands would change everything we have been told is true about this world, the Bible and our origins and would profoundly change the depth of our trust and faith in the Creator of the Universe. With this series we will be at the CROSSROADS OF SCRIPTURE AND SCIENCE and see them come into alignment through the dramatic scenes on your screen. 

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our Two Men

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John D. Morris was living the life of a young man in Los Angeles, CA. in the 1960’s. Although brought up in a Christian home, he was following his own way. His father, Henry Morris, received a book on Noah’s Ark that he wanted to publish through The Institute of Creation Research. When John read the book, he got “Ark Fever” and embarked on the adventure of finding physical proof of the Great Flood and Noah’s Ark! 

     An initial failed attempt to mount an expedition in search of the Ark made way for John Morris to visit the Holy Land with the stop at Mt. Ararat in Turkey. This only whet his appetite for more as he looked at the mountain and imagined “What if the stories and sightings were true?” 

     In old Jerusalem, John found the Bible sprang to life as he stood on the hillsides

and streets where Jesus walked. Outside of Old Jerusalem’s City gates, in a placethat could have been the crucifixion site, the reality of the Bible hit John Morris and ignited his lifelong passion for the Bible and finding the Ark and rededicated his life to Jesus. 

     Back in the states, John threw himself into studying the Bible and was more determined than ever to put together a climbing expedition to Mt. Ararat. So many things had to align for all of it to happen. One mishap after another was met with amazing provision. The ups and downs would only rise to a crescendo when John and his two climbing companions were on the summit of Mt. Ararat and a very violent snow and lightning storm erupted.


     Lightning was flashing all around them when suddenly…they were HIT! John and his companions were thrown off their feet. One, slid down the hill and was bleeding. One had his leg horribly twisted behind his head. John was in the snow with the storm raging over them not able to move and yet, chose in that moment to recount all the blessings that God had given him in his life…and as scripture came to him, he knew that he could pray for healing and believed that God would answer that prayer. 

     Slowly, miraculously…all three of them survived and stayed on that mountain for several more days. They climbed the glacier and hoped that they would see the ark over the craggy edge but when they looked…it wasn’t there. 


     John had finished up one degree and went to Oklahoma State for another in geological engineering. He was somewhat of a celebrity after publishing his first book on his adventures on Mt. Ararat and had many speaking engagements talking about his journey. 


     One Sunday morning he discovered that he was completely blind in one eye! After a battery of tests, he was diagnosed with MS. John prayed for his healing but, found peace in the Bible of being in God’s Perfect Plan for his life.  


     John did not initially impress Dalta because she was not sure a “celebrity” could know God deeply, but that thought vanished as John talked about his MS diagnosis and how God led him to Romans 8:26-27 that gave him assurance he was in the Father’s perfect will, healed or not. She decided to reconsider.

     They married, had a beautiful family, John joined his father at the Institute of Creation Research and made another 12 trips to Mt. Ararat looking for the ark. He made many trips to the Grand Canyon studying evidence of the Great Flood and to Mt. St. Helen to study cataclysmic geological effects. He has written many books and is an expert in his field and currently is President Emeritus at ICR in Dallas, TX. 

Noah  was “God struck” by a profound task and life-saving message from the Lord. He was to build a huge boat to preserve mankind through his family and to save every kind of animal that roamed the earth from a worldwide flood. Like John D. Morris, Noah went against the prevailing wisdom of the day, and he built the Ark…a vessel that seemed to be something so outlandish and unbelievable in size and scope and like John, Noah never gave up.


     Who could imagine the challenges that Noah faced on every front…spiritually, socially, emotionally, maybe even financially. And yet, he finished his heavenly assignment and made the first vessel of salvation of mankind and creation through one door. This is a foretaste of the “one door” of Jesus Christ that is our salvation today… The Ultimate Ark.

     With “Struck” the series, we want to explore not just building of the Ark and what the world was like before the flood but to also learn about Noah’s relationship with a mighty and Holy God. We will be intertwining the stories of both John D. Morris and Noah and will get to know the men and their lives. 

     And for the first time, we will be able to tell these adventures as authentically and

noah 11_edited.jpg

and realistically as we can possibly make it by assembling a team of experts in the Bible, Archeology, Geology, and Antediluvian Science as our advisors and have industry experts in visual effects, scenic artistry, camera, CGI and editing on our artistic and production team. What is written in the Bible are the stones that never change but the exposition of the antediluvian world of Noah is the mortar.

    The Bible is the truth, but many 

Christians do not grasp the enormity of who God is and the level of His holiness and glory. To hold a piece of Ark timber in your hands would change everything we have been told is true about this world and would profoundly change the depth of our trust and faith in the Bible and the Creator of the Universe. 

     We believe that now is the time to tell this account of the Noah and the Ark 

intertwined with John’s adventures. It gives the ancient scriptures an immediacy and relevancy that previous cinematic renditions of Genesis have failed to do.


We want to inspire new explorers to be on the adventure of a lifetime discovering not just this world, but the God who made it through the lives and experiences of John D. Morris and Noah. We hope that you join us on this incredible expedition!

John's Story
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