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John D. Morris Legacy

John D. Morris
1946 - 2023

The inspiration for the STRUCK series is the man who risked his life, and career to follow God’s calling, as he determined to find evidence of the legendary Ark of Noah. John shared his writings, memories and vision with the filmmakers as the concept for the epic dramatic series evolved. We lost John in January 2023, soon after principal photography. His wife Dalta continues to be a consultant on the project.

Dr. John D. Morris was perhaps best known for leading expeditions to Mt. Ararat in search of Noah's Ark. He received his Master's of Science and Doctorate in Geological Engineering from Oklahoma University in 1980. He served on the University's faculty before joining the Institute for Creation Research in 1984. Dr. Morris held the position of Professor of Geology and was appointed President in 1996. He continued to serve ICR as President Emeritus and also contributed on the ICR Board.

He traveled widely around the world speaking at churches, conferences, schools, and scientific meetings. Dr. Morris wrote numerous books and articles on the scientific evidence that supports the Bible. Dr. Morris is the author or co-author of such books as The Young Earth, The Modern Creation Trilogy, The Fossil Record: Unearthing Nature's History of Life, The Global Flood: Unlocking Earth's Geologic History, and Noah's Ark: Adventures on Ararat. He was a contributor to Guide to Creation Basics and Creation Basics & Beyond.

In Honor of John D. Morris

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