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Suellen Roberts is known as one of our nation’s prominent Christian leaders, her passion is to positively influence our culture through media. It all began when she founded JOY TV International in 1995 an organization that provided quality faith-based television. Roberts went on to produce 2 nationally syndicated television series and the Women of Faith at the Alamodome a television special. She also served on the NRB TV Committee for 6 years. Roberts’ influence has extended to the mainstream media through ION Television Network where she was station general manager and subsequently became senior vice president of TEB Broadcasting Corporation which owned 26 TV stations. In 2002 Roberts founded Christian Women in Media Association, and in 2019 Heart of Mercy Mission a Christian humanitarian organization. To her credit she has crossed over into film and formed 3 JOY Films in 2018 where she is the  Executive Producer of Flying High For The Glory of God, the Orville Rogers Story. Currently Roberts has embarked on a streaming TV series. She is the Executive Producer of STRUCK which intertwines  the life of Noah and John D. Morris, scientist and Ark explorer.

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Executive Producer

Lead Producer  Writer


Amanda decided fairly early on into her film and TV career as a makeup and hair stylist that she needed to become a producer but it took more than a few years to make the switch. By that time, she and Wes were married and collaborating on all kinds of odd jobs in the industry from making props to writing and working on all kinds of sets in all kinds of crew positions all over Los Angeles. She often jokes that she and Wes combined are nine people in production…and that is no lie!


Amanda began writing by collaborating with Wes on the feature, "The Moment After" and soloed on the follow-up, "The Moment After II: The Awakening."  Then for 12 and half years, Amanda took a TV detour as a reenactment segment producer for "Sid Roth's, It's Supernatural" helping to grow that audience to over 7.5 million viewers worldwide all the while continuing to write and produce award winning projects and short films. She is glad to be in the thick of development, writing and producing new and exciting films.


Wes has been a filmmaker in the motion picture industry for over 35 years on hundreds of productions in various positions including Chief Lighting Technician, Director of Photography, Writer, Producer and primarily, Director.  His first full length feature, "The Moment After" spawned and inspired the entire faith-based film industry by his innovation and solid storytelling skills. 


For 229 episodes over 12.5 years, he directed dramatic reenactments on the popular Christian talk show, “Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural” taking it from 500,000 weekly viewers to over 7.5 million weekly viewers worldwide while garnering awards and a 9 million views viral moment for a promotional clip from the "Bruce Van Natta" episode from 2018. 


Wes has worked with thousands of actors and hundreds of crew people in all kinds of crazy to mundane shooting circumstances all the while being his jovial and creative self. Wes has a great deal of experience as a visual effects compositor from his time with "It's Supernatural." From making a back alley look like anywhere from India to Mexico and green screen that rivals the best in TV and films, Wes is multi-talented in nearly all visual capture and post in his story telling. 

Producer  Director  Writer

Amanda Llewellyn
Wes Llewellyn

Board of Reference

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Scholar  Explorer  Geologist

John D.

Dr. John D. Morris is perhaps best known for leading expeditions to Mt. Ararat in search of Noah's Ark. He received his Master's of Science and Doctorate in Geological Engineering from Oklahoma University in 1980. He served on the University's faculty before joining the Institute for Creation Research in 1984. Dr. Morris held the position of Professor of Geology and was appointed President in 1996. He continues to serve ICR as President Emeritus and is currently on the ICR Board.


He traveled widely around the world speaking at churches, conferences, schools, and scientific meetings. Dr. Morris has written numerous books and articles on the scientific evidence that supports the Bible. Dr. Morris is the author or co-author of such books as The Young Earth, The Modern Creation Trilogy, The Fossil Record: Unearthing Nature's History of Life, The Global Flood: Unlocking Earth's Geologic History, and Noah's Ark: Adventures on Ararat. He is also a contributor to Guide to Creation Basics and Creation Basics & Beyond.

John D. Morris


Stan Burke is known for the exposition of God’s word which he delivers with candor and inspired insights. As a theologian his continual studies have included the nature of God and Christian beliefs. He is currently a bible teacher and deacon at a mega church in Dallas. His experience as a pastor has left a legacy of influence in many lives. Burke obtained a BA in mathematics from the University of North Texas (UNT). He graduated with a M A in Biblical Studies from the world class Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). Burke resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife Suellen Roberts. They have four children and 13 grandchildren. 

Bible Scholar | Pastor 

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Stan Burke
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Bible Teacher | Influencer


Dalta Morris earned her Bachelor of Education with Certification in Teaching High School English from Oklahoma University followed by a Master of Education in Counseling also from O. U.   Because of her passionate pursuit of her relationship with Jesus Christ, she began active ministry at the university on staff at a Christian Student Union, She discipled women there for 5 years and has continued to be a Bible Study and a discipleship leader since that time. She has been an AWANA leader, has taught Vacation Bible School and Inner-City Bible study for over 20 years. Dalta has also been a foreign mission Bible teacher in Peru, Antigua, India, Guatemala and Papua New Guinea. She and John Morris have been married 45 years and homeschooled their three children through high school while globetrotting to 25 countries along-side her husband John. They live in the Dallas area and have 11 grandchildren.

Dalta Morris
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