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Digital marketing

“God’s Not Dead” used social media to not only find their audience but to include them into the process of making the movie. They had some of the largest direct social media follower engagement of any faith-based project at the time. Things may have changed on the social media scene but it is still a strong way to engage with your audience and include them in your process of bringing this fantastic story to life. The more entertaining engagement you have, the more people will invest their hearts into the project and the more people will want to see your show. 

“The Chosen” is also a good model with a specific app developed for the show. This app is robust in that you not only can see their series and donate to their production but you can interact with the writers and director, buy merchandise, read blogs, watch additional “behind-the-scenes” content and add commentary about your favorite episodes. In similar fashion, we will have our own app for smartphones and pursue a similar engagement level with our audience. Over 6.9 billion people currently have a smart phone and audience engagement continues to grow away from legacy media. Today, this digital world is the most effective way to reach the world for Jesus Christ.

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