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    It has been said that the most successful faith-based projects, are about the “non-negotiables.” That usually means the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. But, before Jesus walked this earth, there is another story so fantastic that if proven true by concrete evidence, it would change everything that most everyone believes about science and who we are in the universe…Noah’s Ark. You can talk about Moses…There have been great leaders of many people… You can talk about David…There have been many warriors with amazing exploits, and you can even admire Jesus’ humanity and wisdom and still not follow Him but, a piece of timber, a nail, a scrap from this amazing ship that Noah and his family built, shakes the very fabric of every philosophy, all science, and known history of all of mankind. And John D. Morris, set out to find those pieces of hand-hewn timbers of this unbelievable vessel on the frozen cliffs of Mt. Ararat. 

    We have chosen not to make a feature film because of the declining market in theater attendance even before the lockdowns of Covid19. However, audiences have shown up in huge numbers on streaming platforms in front of their big screen TV’s and cell phones. You can reach more people with one series than you can with one movie unless you are a superhero. Without huge marketing efforts, faith-based films can get lost down on the list for streaming entertainment even if targeted for their specific audience. The largest growth in viewing are well crafted series both long running and limited. “The Chosen,” with its own streaming platform and a 167 million views has proven to be the successful new model for entertainment. This is why we are making a streaming series. 

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