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The Christian church has raised money by donations since the beginning for every need from paying the pastor to humanitarian relief, to building new sanctuaries and sending out missionaries. The entertainment industry and those that work in it are a “mission field” of great influence in the world. 


Cancel Culture is a reality and donations can keep the series secure from its toxic effects. There is always a chance of a complaint to an advertiser and you could lose those dollars as well as avenues of distribution. Donations mean that those that give to the series will see the series that they are willing to pay to enjoy. 

Our structure is not as much about making money to satisfy an investor by making the movie that they have paid for but to make a movie that is satisfying to God first and foremost using the funds that He prompts His children to give to our mission.


We believe we will impact others that see this amazing story of loving obedience to God’s impossible call on their life and God’s miraculous provision, purpose and mercy in action. First and foremost, we ask for your prayer support as God calls us on our “impossible” journey of making a high-quality feature film and secondly with your generous donations of time, talent and treasure.

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